In this intro to Season 2 of Diversity Be Like, host Sequoia Houston gives listeners an idea of what to expect from the podcast when the new season launches on February 24, 2022. 

Episode Highlights: 

  • Sequoia thanks listeners and supporters of the podcast
  • Sequoia briefly introduces herself and the podcast to new listeners. 
  • In 2017, she started due to a lack of stock photos featuring people of color. 
  • She hopes that people will understand different ways they can foster diversity, equity, and inclusion from listening to the podcast.


Show Transcript

Hi everybody and welcome back to Diversity Be Like. I’m your host Sequoia Houston. I just have to start by saying thank you so much for joining me on this journey – and continuing along the ride. When I first launched this podcast, I didn’t know what to expect. I figured my mom would listen – because she supports everything I do…I knew a few friends would tune in from time to time, but the extraordinary support that I’ve gotten from people, dare I say across the globe, has really something special, so, thank you, again. 

If you’re just joining us this season, a little about me. I’m the CEO and founder of, a stock media agency focused on images featuring diversity and people of color. I started the agency in 2017 after I got frustrated by working on a marketing campaign and, yet again, not being able to find diverse images. Since that time, a few similar niche sites have popped up, but we’re still doing very well and I’m thankful to everyone who comes to get beautiful, authentic, multicultural images from us. 

We’re always looking for contributors, so if you know any amazing photographers, videographers or illustrators, please send them my way. 

Season 1 of Diversity Be Like focused primarily on conversations with people who saw gaps within systems and created opportunities to fill them. You’ll remember dope guests, such as TaKiyah Wallace, who created what is now an international nonprofit, Brown Girls Do Ballet, after having trouble finding a space that celebrated the vast diversity of the Dallas area when her little girl wanted to take ballet lessons. Kim Williams, the writer and creator of the platform GenKati, which focuses on content related to GenX Black women as well as The Wander Experience, which curates travel experiences designed to connect women across the African diaspora. Jay Kim, who started his career as a biochemist and used his lived experiences to create a well-respected multicultural marketing agency. Matchmaker and serial entrepreneur Paul C Brunson, to name a few. 

This season has similar conversations, but also explores opportunities that my guests found within already established systems. Ways that they were able to integrate themselves into these systems to make a difference. The first conversation, for example, is with Senator Cory McCray from Maryland’s 45th District. He explains how civic engagement and entering the field of politics allowed him to make a difference in not only his local community, but a broader community as well, given that bills he sponsored are now being adopted by other surrounding states. 

I also listened to my listeners and heard those who shared their desire for me to explore other types of conversations. For example, one listener recommended including Native American and Alaska Native voices – and was even willing to make recommendations on who she thought would make great guests. As a result, you get to hear a dynamic conversation with me and the author of Decolonizing Wealth, Edgar Villanueva. Another listener, a DEI Executive, made recommendations on topics she’d be interested in learning more about. Thank you both! I encourage this being a two-way conversation and look forward to hearing your thoughts and opinions on what would be meaningful to have on the podcast.  

And, as always, my sincere hope is that as people listen to this podcast, they’re able to take away new ideas and thoughts about the different ways they can foster authentic inclusion, equity and respect in their lives. 

So, I hope you enjoy season 2 of Diversity Be Like. I hope you’re able to be open-minded, I hope you’re able to share your mind with me, with people around you and most importantly, in the spaces where it matters most. Welcome back!