Diversity is more than just the latest buzzword.

Ready for a REAL conversation about authentic diversity and what it means to truly be inclusive?

In this new podcast host Sequoia Houston explores the nuanced dynamics of diversity and what the need for true inclusion looks like, from AAVE to advertising to economic justice, disparities in treatment and beyond.

Enjoy interviews with industry leading experts as they discuss challenges associated with our current state of being, why diversity is important and what we can all do to foster a culture that is committed to authentic diversity, equity, inclusion and respect.

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About the Latest Episode

Episode 11: Diversity Be Like…the Elephant in the Room

On this episode of Diversity Be Like, host Sequoia Houston talks to Cherena Fox and Keionna Baker, Cofounders of The Elephant in the Room, an organization that specializes in DEI training and helps employers recognize bias in the workplace!

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